Kunst & Kultur

Kunst und Kultur waren ohne Zweifel die Basis für das Überleben Afrikas und der Afrikaner/innen im Angesicht der Aggression und Unterdrückung von Sklavenhaltern und Kolonisatoren. Wie sehen zeitgenössische Kunstperspektiven aus Afrika heute aus? Welches sind die aktuellen Diskurse? Und wie definieren Künstler/innen sich und ihre Werke in der globalisierten Welt?

Kwame Opoku: Should Aesthetic Considerations take Precedence over Protection of Human Rights with Regard to Looted Artefacts?

We read with great interest an article by Tom L. Freudenheim, a former art museum director and former assistant secretary for museums at the Smithsonian Institution entitled “What Is Lost When Works are Trophies” that first appeared in the Wall Street Journal... |+| zum Artikel

Les processus socio-historiques à l'œuvre dans les arts contemporains africains

Historien d'art exerçant en Argentine où il vit depuis 18 ans, le Sénégalais Boubacar Traoré analyse dans le contexte du Dak'art 2010 - où il était invité à intervenir lors des Rencontres sur le thème " Esthétique et territoires" - les processus... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Reflections on the Cairo Conference on Restitution: Encouraging Beginning

Article by Kwame Opoku writing about the Conference on International Cooperation for the Protection and Repatriation of Cultural Heritage, which was held 7-8 April 2010, Cairo, Egypt and which ended with demands for the return of certain cultural artefacts... |+| zum Artikel

Joy Onyejiako: The ‘Kingdom of Ife’: African art at the British Museum

An exhibition of art from the Nigerian Kingdom of Ife at the British Museum isn’t only exquisitely beautiful, it is ‘something of absolute historical importance’, writes Joy Onyejiako. But given the low-key public response to the show, how much will it... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Ile-Ife Triumphs in the British Museum, London. Who said Nigerians were incapable of looking after their cultural artefacts?

Aricle by Kwame Opoku. It seems every generation of Westerners has to “discover” the extraordinary beauty and sophistication of African culture even though Europe and Africa have been in contact, at the latest, since 15th century when the Portuguese sailed... |+| zum Artikel

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