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„Cabralista“ debütiert in Berlin, von Tiago Mansilha (Berlinda)

„Niemand macht eine erfolgreiche Revolution ohne revolutionäre Theorie“, sind die Worte von Amilcar Cabral, dem Gründer der „Partido Africano da Independência da Guiné e Cabo Verde” (kurz PAIGC), der afrikanischen Partei für die... |+| zum Artikel

AfricAvenir Windhoek: African Perspectives Film Series in 2013


The AfricAvenir "African Perspectives" Film Series in Windhoek has become an established institution in Namibia's capital over the years. Here we give you an overview of our planning for the year 2013, a year full of good African... |+| zum Artikel

“Destiny” - A film to be remembered today. Chahine and Averroes as relevant as ever. By Hans-Christian Mahnke, Windhoek, Namibia


I visited Cordoba, Spain this year for the first time, attending the 9th African Film Festival Cordoba as a panellist and international guest. Here I came across the statue of an Arabic scholar born 1126 in Cordoba, and died in 1198 in Marrakesh. Abū l-Walīd... |+| zum Artikel

Interview with Haile Gerima: „Freedom is not some kind of 'UNESCO milk' that can be given to someone. It is something people fight for“

Interview with Haile Gerima, conducted by Nicolai Röschert and Isabelle Scheele (both AfricAvenir), on the occasion of the AfricAvenir screening of the film “Teza” on 3. May 2011 in Berlin. "Teza" will be screened by the Namibian branch of... |+| zum Artikel

Zimbabwean Premiere: "The Lion's Point of View" by Hip Hop Star Didier Awadi, at Book Café, WED, 1st August 2012, 6 p.m.

On Wednesday, 1st August 2012 at 6 p.m., the European Union Delegation to Zimbabwe in cooperation with Book CaféMagambaPamberi Trust  and AfricAvenir is presenting... |+| zum Artikel

Awards Annoucement: 15th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Film 23-28 June 2012

The Jury of the 15th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Film which took place between 23-28 June 2012 is proud to announce the Award winning filmslisted below. The Jury President Hans-Christian Mahnke, Head of AfricAvenir Namibia,... |+| zum Artikel

Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films, 15th Edition June 23-28, 2012, Official partner AfricAvenir attending

The Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short Films is due to start with its 15th edition, taking place from 23-28 of June in the city of Ismailia, Egypt. AfricAvenir’s Augetto Graig and Hans-Christian Mahnke will be attending.
|+| zum Artikel

Women Matter at "African Perspectives", AfricAvenir Namibia Film Series 2012

The Namibian branch of AfricAvenir organises the film series “African Perspectives”, which has an impressive line-up of films that will be screened for the next several months in Windhoek, the capital. Founder and director Hans-Christian Mankhe talked... |+| zum Artikel

On Film and cinema in Libya – Interview with Libyan film critic and festival director Ramadan Salim, by Hans-Christian Mahnke

ramadan salim

Ramadan Salim was born 1953 in Azizia, Libya. He is writer, journalist, and film critic, who began writing in 1979 about Libyan literature and never stopped since. His work focuses on Arabic culture in general, and on Magreb literature and cinema in... |+| zum Artikel

AfricAvenir official partner to Ismailia International Film Festival, 23-28 June, Ismailia, Egypt

AfricAvenir is happy to announce that it will be an official partner of the 15th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films, which will be held in Ismailia, Egypt, from 23 to 28 of June 2012. Genres
Animation,... |+| zum Artikel

Freikarten: Zum Kinostart von "Viva Riva" verlost AfricAvenir 5x2 Freikarten - Karten sind bereits vergeben

Zum Kinostart des Actionfilms"Viva Riva" verlost AfricAvenir 5x2 Freikarten an die ersten Emailer/innen an: (bitte postalische Adresse... |+| zum Artikel

First Luxor African Film Festival a huge success

As official co-partner AfricAvenir attended the 1st edition of the Luxor African Film Festival, held in Egypt from 21 to 28 February 2012. AfricAvenir is proud to be associated to this festival. We take our hats off to the... |+| zum Artikel

Luxor African Film Festival, First Edition 21-28 February 2012 (Joint Press Release: AfricAvenir & The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Windhoek)

The Luxor African Film Festival is due to start with its first edition, taking place from 21-28 of February in the city of Luxor, Egypt. Luxor is described as the "Biggest Open Museum of the World", since it contains a big share of the... |+| zum Artikel

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