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Kwame Opoku: Nofretete im Griff der Absurditäten - Wie oft müssen Ägypter noch um die Rückgabe der ägyptischen Königin Nofretete bitten?

Nofretete, Ägypten, jetzt Neues Museum Berlin, Deutschland.

Wie oft müssen Ägypter noch um die Rückgabe der ägyptischen Königin Nofretete bitten? Kwame Opoku über die imperialistische Argumentation der deutschen Regierung in der Debatte um die Rückgabe eines afrikanischen Kulturgutes. Übersetzt von Moses März
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Kwame Opoku: Zahi Hawass Bounces Back

zahi hawass with students

All those who thought with his resignation, Hawass was finished and that the question of restitution will now be posed in a new changed context, must be eating their own words. The culture pharaoh, or culture tsar, as some call him, is back in business as... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Restitution and Recent Upgeavals in Egypt

Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images

The disorder, revolt or revolution in Egypt, writes Kwame Opoku, does not change the nature of the debate on restitution nor does it provide any convincing excuse for the retentionists in the Western world.  Images of recent disturbances from Tahir... |+| zum Artikel

Le cinéma égyptien à la lumière de la révolution du narguilé

Par Samir Ardjoum, Olivier Barlet, Hassouna Mansouri, publié sur Si la "révolution du jasmin" tunisienne de décembre 2010 - janvier 2011 a clairement été un déclic, les manifestants avides de liberté et de démocratie mais eux aussi... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Now is the Time for Austria to Act on the Restitution of Montezuma's Crown to Mexico

montezuma's crown

According to information in the Austrian papers Standard, Kurier, and Kronen Zeitung, Austria seems finally willing to return the Montezuma Crown which Mexico has been claiming for decades without any success. (1) It appears the return will be a temporary... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: When will Britain Return Looted Ghanaian Artefacts? A History of British Looting of more than 100 Objects

gold mask kumasi ghana

Article by Kwame Opoku. A recent visit to London, he writes, "reminded me that apart from the British Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum many other museums in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom are still holding onto African cultural... |+| zum Artikel

Interview with Professor Eunice N. Sahle: "Moving Beyond the Language of ‘Help’"

In an interview conducted by Moses März (AfricAvenir) in Berlin, Prof. Eunice N. Sahle speaks about the 'development aid' regime and historical and present injustices in the global system. Moses März: Your lecture in Berlin suggested that its approach... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Reflections on the abortive Queen-Mother Idia Mask Auction: Tactical Withdrawal or Decision of Principle?

idia mask

Article by Kwame Opoku on the cancellation notice of the auction of Queen-Mother Idia mask on 4 December by Sotheby. What more does the cancellation tell us? Will the auction take place sometime in the future and somewhere else other than at Sotheby’s? Will... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: They are selling Queen-Mother Idia mask and we are quiet

Idia Mask

Various media, including the Art Newspaper, and the Financial Times have reported that Sotheby’s, the auction house in London, will be auctioning a re-discovered masterpiece of Benin art, the ivory pendant of Queen-Mother Idia, on 17th February 2011 and other... |+| zum Artikel

Africa’s failings and the global system

Interview with Samir Amin, published by RFI and Pambazuka News. At 79, Samir Amin has lost none of his militancy. A leading thinker around ‘Third World-ism’, close to particular fathers of independence – like Modibo Keita – and the author of some 50 works on... |+| zum Artikel

Intellectual property: Pharmaceuticals, public health and subtle exploitation

Article by John Christensen and Khadija Sharife, first published by Pambazuka News. International intellectual property rights are increasingly serving the needs of the global pharmaceutical industry, write John Christensen and Khadija Sharife.

If... |+| zum Artikel

Human rights, livelihoods and Ubuntu for the 21st century

Article by Horace Campbell, first published on Pambazuka News. We cannot separate ‘the question of human rights and Ubuntu – our linked humanity and our peaceful coexistence with planet earth’ in the pursuit of ‘international peace and security’, writes... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Should Aesthetic Considerations take Precedence over Protection of Human Rights with Regard to Looted Artefacts?

We read with great interest an article by Tom L. Freudenheim, a former art museum director and former assistant secretary for museums at the Smithsonian Institution entitled “What Is Lost When Works are Trophies” that first appeared in the Wall Street Journal... |+| zum Artikel

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