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African Perspectives: Camp de Thiaroye in Windhoek

camp de thiaroye

On Saturday 31. October at 7 p.m. AfricAvenir, in cooperation with the Studio 77, presents Sembène Ousmane&Thierno Faty Sow's master piece Camp de Thiaroye (153 min.) in the framework of the film series "African Perspectives". Special Guest: To be announced, possibly Andimba Toivo ya Toivo (requested/angefragt)

Where: Studio 77, Old Breweries Complex, Garten Street, Windhoek
Entrance: 10,- N$

In this powerful and moving film Sembène, in collaboration with Thierno Faty Sow, who co-scripted and co-directed, reclaims and tells to the world another of those fragments of history concealed by colonialism which he sees it as his task to disinter. Such stories are part of the history not only of Africa, but of the colonial powers, in this case France, as well. During the Second World War, French-colonized West Africans were recruited by the army and fought with distinction. In late 1944, instead of being paid and sent home to their countries and communities, they were detained in a prison camp in Dakar. When they rebelled against the French military's intention to pay them at half-rate, they were massacred.

Camp de Thiaroye, written and directed by Ousmane Sembène and Thierno Faty Sow, ends as the French military congratulates itself and ships a load of new black recruits for military training in France.

The event is sponsored by the German Embassy in Windhoek, Studio 77/Bank Windhoek Arts Festival, FNCC and HEC.

For more information contact AfricAvenir Country Representative in Namibia, Hans-Christian Mahnke

Cell: 00264 855630949
Mail: c.mahnke(at)africavenir.org mahnkec(at)web.de
Web: www.africavenir.org

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