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Elyon’s: The Diary of Ebene Duta


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In her first Comic Book, Joëlle Ebongue tells in a humoristic tone the life and times of a young woman in Brussels who, as many African women recently arrived from the continent, divides her time between university, job and girl friends. The realism is such that the reader identifies very quickly with the heroin.

Joëlle Ebongue aka Elyon’s was born in Bafoussam, Cameroon. She studied at Saint-Luc Liège École Supérieure des Arts, Belgium, where she was awarded a degree in Modern Literature and Graphic Arts. Joëlle Ebongue is the author of The Diary of Ebene Duta, which is her first comic book, funded through an exceptional crowdfunding campaign across 40 countries. She is currently on a book-signing tour throughout Europe and working on the second volume of the diary.

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