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Über die Jahre hat AfricAvenir eine Vielfalt an Büchern, Dossiers, Artikeln, Berichten, Newsletter und andere Materialien produziert, die zusammen genommen einen Afrika-zentrierten Diskurs darstellen.

Kwame Opoku: Blood Antiquities in Respectable Havens: Looted Benin Artefacts donated to American Museum

In this article Kwame Opoku takes position on the donation by Robert Owen Lehman, great-grandson of founder of Lehman Brothers of 34 looted artefats to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. The people of Benin have tried for years to have their precious works of... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Do They Know Queen-Mother Idia of Benin?

A recent visit to the British Museum confirmed what we have observed in previous years: many Western visitors to the museum have no specific interest in any particular Benin object, even if they visit the Sainsbury Gallery and look at the Benin Bronzes. They... |+| zum Artikel

Pr Issa N’Diaye: Mali - une ‘démocratie’ contre le peuple !

La chute brutale de ATT a mis à nu les fondements pourris de la démocratie malienne tant chantée à l’extérieur. Les populations maliennes l’avaient compris il y a belle lurette. En témoignent les taux de participation qui dégringolaient d’élection en... |+| zum Artikel

Kwame Opoku: Damage to Nok Scupture in Private Western Collection. Will Other African Artefacts End in this Way?

It has been reported in the New York Daily News that the widow of the French artist Arman, is suing in Manhattan Supreme Court for damage to a Nok sculpture caused during a photo shooting session for an art magazine. The sculpture fell and broke into pieces... |+| zum Artikel

On Film and cinema in Libya – Interview with Libyan film critic and festival director Ramadan Salim, by Hans-Christian Mahnke

ramadan salim

Ramadan Salim was born 1953 in Azizia, Libya. He is writer, journalist, and film critic, who began writing in 1979 about Libyan literature and never stopped since. His work focuses on Arabic culture in general, and on Magreb literature and cinema in... |+| zum Artikel

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