The scientific discourse about Africa has been overwhelmingly owned by the West/North. In fact, discourse ownership has been one of the most efficient instruments of Western/Northern domination in the post-colonial era. This section sets out to contribute to the solidification of an Africa-centred discourse by identifying, collecting and structuring scientific Africa-centred online content.

Kwame Opoku: Restitution and Recent Upgeavals in Egypt

Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images

The disorder, revolt or revolution in Egypt, writes Kwame Opoku, does not change the nature of the debate on restitution nor does it provide any convincing excuse for the retentionists in the Western world.  Images of recent disturbances from Tahir... |+| read article

taz-Artikel: "Arabisches Revolutionskino - Die Tür des Todes öffnet sich" von Hassouna Mansouri


In einem Film des tunesischen Regisseurs Nouri Bouzid nahm sich ein Mann das Leben. Ein ähnlicher Selbstmord löste die Aufstände aus. Gab es ein Kino der Revolution? VON HASSOUNA MANSOURI, erschienen in der |+| read article

Le cinéma égyptien à la lumière de la révolution du narguilé

Par Samir Ardjoum, Olivier Barlet, Hassouna Mansouri, publié sur africultures.com. Si la "révolution du jasmin" tunisienne de décembre 2010 - janvier 2011 a clairement été un déclic, les manifestants avides de liberté et de démocratie mais eux aussi... |+| read article

Kwame Opoku: Now is the Time for Austria to Act on the Restitution of Montezuma's Crown to Mexico

montezuma's crown

According to information in the Austrian papers Standard, Kurier, and Kronen Zeitung, Austria seems finally willing to return the Montezuma Crown which Mexico has been claiming for decades without any success. (1) It appears the return will be a temporary... |+| read article

Mahmood Mamdani: The Invention of the Indigène

Flüchtlinge aus Kivu

‘The violence in Congo may seem unintelligible but its roots lie in institutional practices introduced under colonialism, which 50 years of independence have only exacerbated,' writes Mahmood Mamdani. First published by |+| read article

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