The scientific discourse about Africa has been overwhelmingly owned by the West/North. In fact, discourse ownership has been one of the most efficient instruments of Western/Northern domination in the post-colonial era. This section sets out to contribute to the solidification of an Africa-centred discourse by identifying, collecting and structuring scientific Africa-centred online content.

Remembering Lumumba by Mwaura Kaara

patrice lumumba

This article was first published by |+| pambazuka-news. As the DRC commemorates 50 years of independence, Mwaura Kaara finds there’s little official acknowledgement of the... |+| read article

‘White is not a color’ - An interview with author and psychoanalyst Grada Kilomba

Author of “Plantation Memories – Episodes of Every Day Racism:” Grada Kilomba

The following interview with Dr. Grada Kilomba, author of “Plantation Memories – Episodes of Every Day Racism” was first published by The African Times, the interview was conducted by Stefanie Hirsbrunner. Grada Kilomba's roots are in São Tomé e Príncipe and... |+| read article

La Renaissance africaine selon Cheikh Anta Diop, Nasser et Nkrumah, jusqu'à Mbeki

Le débat sur la Renaissance africaine marque le début de ce millénaire. Mais il n’est pas nouveau. Dans ce texte, Boubacar Diop remonte à Cheikh Anta Diop qui l’évoquait en 1948, à Nasser qui en a été un des porte-étendard et à Nkrumah qui en a fait un des... |+| read article

Walter Rodney: Prophet of self-emancipation by Wazir Mohamed

Thirty years after the murder of Guyana-born scholar and activist Walter Rodney, Wazir Mohamed considers the role of imperialism and the big powers in the silencing of ‘a defender of the people’s right to equality’. Published by |+| read article

Les processus socio-historiques à l'œuvre dans les arts contemporains africains

Historien d'art exerçant en Argentine où il vit depuis 18 ans, le Sénégalais Boubacar Traoré analyse dans le contexte du Dak'art 2010 - où il était invité à intervenir lors des Rencontres sur le thème " Esthétique et territoires" - les processus... |+| read article

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