Security, War & Peace

Without peace and security, no democracy and no development. This is not new. But who dictates peace? In how far are colonial borders and classifications responsible for conflicts on the African continent until today? And how to finally reach a "Pax Africana", an order and constellation that benefits the peoples of Africa? 

Die spirituelle Dimension der Krisenprävention und der Konfliktlösungsmechanismen in den afrikanischen Gesellschaften

kum'a ndumbe III

Von Prof. Kum'a Ndumbe (2001), University of Oslo, Unit for comparative and international education, Institute for Educational Research, Helga Eng.'s House, Blinder, 23.02.2001. |+| read article

Justice in Africa After Rwanda

kum'a ndumbe III

Article written by Prince Kum' a Ndumbe III. for the Conference on ""Political Forgiveness And Global Justice"" in Vienna. |+| Full... |+| read article

The Concept of the African Renaissance as a Force Multiplier to Ensure Lasting Peace and Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Col A.H. Louw, Research Paper, Executive National Security Programme 02/2000, South African National Defence College, 17 October 2000. However noble the objectives of the “New African Initiative” may appear to be, the implementation of this ambitious plan... |+| read article

Boundaries for an African Renaissance - Reshaping the continent's political geography

By Richard Griggs, Track Two, Vol. 6 No. 2 August 1997, Centre for Conflict Resolution. Africa's "Achilles' heel" is its boundaries, argues Richard Griggs - blocking development and perpetuating conflict. Here he calls for a new era of... |+| read article

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