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The arts have without any doubt been crucial for the survival of Africa and Africans in the face of the slavers' and colonial aggression and repression. What do present African perspectives of contemporary art look like? Which are the current discourses? And how do artists define themselves and their art in the globalised world?

Revisiting Looted Nigerian Nok Terracotta Sculptures in Louvre/Musée du Quai Branly, Paris

Article by Kwame Opoku. After reviewing the great Ekpo Eyo’s last book Masterpieces of Nigerian Art which included images of the looted Nok sculptures, he writes, he felt the need to revisit these remarkable pieces that the French were allowed to keep by ... |+| read article

Kwame Opoku: Nefertity in Absurdity: How often must Egyptians ask Germans for the Return the Egyptian Queen?


Museums which turn requests for restitution of stolen/looted objects into political matters, instead of dealing with the demand, writes Kwame Opoku, are not acting according the principles of the ICOM (International Council of Museums) Code of Ethics. To view... |+| read article

Kwame Opoku: Zahi Hawass Bounces Back

zahi hawass with students

All those who thought with his resignation, Hawass was finished and that the question of restitution will now be posed in a new changed context, must be eating their own words. The culture pharaoh, or culture tsar, as some call him, is back in business as... |+| read article

Kwame Opoku: Restitution and Recent Upgeavals in Egypt

Pedro Ugarte/AFP/Getty Images

The disorder, revolt or revolution in Egypt, writes Kwame Opoku, does not change the nature of the debate on restitution nor does it provide any convincing excuse for the retentionists in the Western world.  Images of recent disturbances from Tahir... |+| read article

taz-Artikel: "Arabisches Revolutionskino - Die Tür des Todes öffnet sich" von Hassouna Mansouri


In einem Film des tunesischen Regisseurs Nouri Bouzid nahm sich ein Mann das Leben. Ein ähnlicher Selbstmord löste die Aufstände aus. Gab es ein Kino der Revolution? VON HASSOUNA MANSOURI, erschienen in der |+| read article

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