The scientific discourse about Africa has been overwhelmingly owned by the West/North. In fact, discourse ownership has been one of the most efficient instruments of Western/Northern domination in the post-colonial era. This section sets out to contribute to the solidification of an Africa-centred discourse by identifying, collecting and structuring scientific Africa-centred online content.

Reparations and regrets: Why is the US Senate apologising now?

By Horace Campbell. With the US Senate approving a resolution formally acknowledging the historic injustice behind slavery and the country's 'Jim Crow' laws on 18 June, Horace Campbell asks 'Why now?' Coming in the same week as a call for a new,... |+| read article

Pambazuka Feature: Multinational corporations: The new colonisers in Africa

Surveying a history of exploitation of Africa's people and resources, Lord Aikins Adusei denounces the multinational corporations continuing to plunder the continent's natural wealth. Situating today's ongoing exploitation of African resources within an... |+| read article

Response to Jonathan Jones: Should all looted art be returned?

There seems to be a concerted strategy or convergence of tactics by a group of writers who appear determined to subvert the basic principles of law, morality and decency writes Kwame Opoku. RESPONSE TO JONATHAN JONES: “SHOULD ALL LOOTED ART BE... |+| read article

Asikhulume! African languages for all

Article by Michel Lafon (INALCO-UMR 8135 Cnrs-France & IFAS-Johannesburg), on the need to align all government and state-aided schools in terms of language policy in South Africa. Such a move is a condition to the association of the use of African... |+| read article

Cameroun 1958: La guerre cachée de la France

Il y a tout juste cinquante ans, Ruben Um Nyobè, leader de l’Union des populations du Cameroun, tombait sous les balles françaises. La répression menée contre le mouvement indépendantiste fera des dizaines de milliers de victimes. Par FANNY PIGEAUD, paru dans... |+| read article

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