Economic Analysis

The anaylsis of the economic situation is a crucial one. What are the deeper causes of economic marginalisation of the African continent? What do African analysts write about the international financial system? How to explain that 80-90 % of the populations in some African countries are working in the so-calle informal sector?

Whose dictator is Gaddafi? By Yash Tandon on Pambazuka

Yash Tandon explains the contradictions of ‘imperial finance capital’ in controlling neo-colonial states like Libya. While Gaddafi was being ‘accommodated’ by imperial powers, the ‘Arab Spring’ forced their hand, he says.

To put the West’s case... |+| read article

Africa’s failings and the global system

Interview with Samir Amin, published by RFI and Pambazuka News. At 79, Samir Amin has lost none of his militancy. A leading thinker around ‘Third World-ism’, close to particular fathers of independence – like Modibo Keita – and the author of some 50 works on... |+| read article

Intellectual property: Pharmaceuticals, public health and subtle exploitation

Article by John Christensen and Khadija Sharife, first published by Pambazuka News. International intellectual property rights are increasingly serving the needs of the global pharmaceutical industry, write John Christensen and Khadija Sharife.

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Pambazuka Feature: Multinational corporations: The new colonisers in Africa

Surveying a history of exploitation of Africa's people and resources, Lord Aikins Adusei denounces the multinational corporations continuing to plunder the continent's natural wealth. Situating today's ongoing exploitation of African resources within an... |+| read article

Langue, libération et développement

kum'a ndumbe III

Par le Prince Kum’a Ndumbe III, présenté lors du Symposium à l'occasion de l'Année des Langues Africaines 2006 "Africa – a mosaic of languages" à l'Université de Vienne, 18-20 octobre 2006. |+| read article

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