African History

Africa's history and historiography have been distorted by the colonial powers in the course of their quest for domination of the African continent. Follows the colossal task of retracing, rebuilding and recreating the African past, a task which has been taken up especially with independence. In this context, UNESCO has published the path-breaking "General History of Africa" which is at the basis of our approach in this section.

Kwame Opoku: Reflections on the abortive Queen-Mother Idia Mask Auction: Tactical Withdrawal or Decision of Principle?

idia mask

Article by Kwame Opoku on the cancellation notice of the auction of Queen-Mother Idia mask on 4 December by Sotheby. What more does the cancellation tell us? Will the auction take place sometime in the future and somewhere else other than at Sotheby’s? Will... |+| read article

Héritage du mouvement nationaliste et pensée du soulèvement - entretien de Noé Ndjebet Massoussi avec Achille Mbembe

Professeur d'histoire et de science politique à l'université du Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud, Achille Mbembe s'appuie sur l'héritage de l'Union des populations du Cameroun (UPC) pour analyser les perspectives d'action politique aujourd'hui.... |+| read article

"Nourrir les esprits" entretien d'Achille Mbembe et Célestin Monga avec Fabien Eboussi Boulaga

Entretien publié par le quotidien Le Messager paraissant à Douala au Cameroun en partenariat avec Africultures. La reprise de l'échange inédit entre Achille Mbembe et Célestin Monga par plusieurs... |+| read article

Kwame Opoku: They are selling Queen-Mother Idia mask and we are quiet

Idia Mask

Various media, including the Art Newspaper, and the Financial Times have reported that Sotheby’s, the auction house in London, will be auctioning a re-discovered masterpiece of Benin art, the ivory pendant of Queen-Mother Idia, on 17th February 2011 and other... |+| read article

Africa’s failings and the global system

Interview with Samir Amin, published by RFI and Pambazuka News. At 79, Samir Amin has lost none of his militancy. A leading thinker around ‘Third World-ism’, close to particular fathers of independence – like Modibo Keita – and the author of some 50 works on... |+| read article

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