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Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi: The Significance of the Repatriation of Namibian Human Skulls

When the information about a number of human skulls at various German institutions was disclosed to me in 2008, shortly after I returned from being Namibia’s Ambassador in Berlin, I spoke out publicly about the need to have these human remains returned to... |+| read article

Interview with Johanna Kahatjipara on the Occasion the Repatriation of the Mortal Remains of Herero and Nama Genocide Victims

On the occasion of the repatriation of the mortal remains of Herero and Nama, who were killed by German troops during the Genocide of 1904-08, AfricAvenir spoke to Johanna Kahatjipara, whose grandmother and other relatives were subjected to the... |+| read article

Reise in ein umkämpftes Terrain - von Joachim Zeller

Eine Delegation aus Namibia wird in Kürze in Berlin eintreffen, um die Schädel ihrer Vorfahren entgegenzunehmen. Was erwartet sie bei ihrem Besuchsprogramm in der Stadt? Ein Artikel von Joachim Zeller.

In den kommenden Tagen ist es soweit. Nach... |+| read article

Open letter to the MYNSSC, MICT, NBC, One Africa: Filmmaking as a interpretation of historical events : The return of the Namibian skulls to Namibia in 2011

Sara Baartman Screening AfricAvenir 2009 Gurirab, Katjavivi

History is always an exercise in looking back through glasses clouded with the dirt of our present moment. Despite differences, both historians and filmmakers approach the materials of the past with one major similarity. Both possess attitudes, assumptions,... |+| read article

Namibian Bones in European Museums - Genocide with Impunity

Article by Kwame Opoku. When European ethnologists deny the intimate relationship of Ethnology/Anthropology and colonialism or assert that they tried to restrain colonialism or that their role was insignificant, one has ample evidence to doubt the veracity of... |+| read article

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