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Prince Kum’a Ndumbe III.: Afrika ist im Aufbruch, Afrika ist die Zukunft, Teil II

prinz kum'a ndumbe iii

Prinz Kum'a Ndumbe III. eröffnete mit diesem Beitrag das Symposium ,,Theologie interkulturell" 2011 zur Spiritualität in Afrika seit Urzeiten (150.000 Jahre), zum spirituellen Beitrag Afrikas seit Enoch und der Sinnflut und nahm Stellung zur modernen... |+| read article

Kwame Opoku: Affirmations and Declarations: Review of James Cuno’s Museums Matter

In this article, Kwame Opoku reviews the latest book by James Cuno "Museums Matter - In praise of the Encyclopedic Museum". Cuno, he writes, has clearly and consciously decided not to tackle any of the issues relating to the acquisition,... |+| read article

50 years later: Fanon's legacy by Nigel C. Gibson

The damnation of the world’s majority that Frantz Fanon spoke about did not end with the withdrawal of formal colonial rule. It continues in the razor wire transit camps, detention zones, rural pauperisation and in shanty towns, writes Nigel C Gibson.|+| read article

Yash Tandon: Whose dictator is Gaddafi?

On the day which apparently sees the killing of Gaddafi by NATO troops operating in a clear imperialistic mission, AfricAvenir re-publishes an article by Yash Tandon, which was first published in Pambazuka News in May this Year. In this article Tandon ... |+| read article

Kum'a Ndumbe III: Preserve, Promote, Protect from a Francophone / Linguistic Perspective – The AfricAvenir International Foundation in Cameroon

Prince kum'a ndumbe iii

Paper presented by Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III at the conference "The African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference (ADHT)", in Halifax, Nova Scotia, September 22-24, 2011.

A person whose memory has been erased cannot find the way home.... |+| read article

“Embracing Opacity” Interview with Ntone Edjabe (Chimurenga Magazine)

Ntone Edjabe is the founder and editor of Chimurenga, a literary magazine produced in Cape Town focusing on contemporary African politics and popular culture. The title Chimurenga refers to the Shona word for ‘struggle’ as well as to a popular... |+| read article

Côte d'Ivoire : la démocratie au bazooka? par Achille Mbembe

Dans les conditions actuelles où l'on est sommé de choisir une partie contre l'autre selon l'impératif de la lutte à mort, il est difficile de dire quoi que ce soit sur la crise ivoirienne, ses causes historiques, ses significations pour l'Afrique... |+| read article

Senegal on the rise by Sokari Ekine

The people of Senegal are out in protest over President Abdoulaye Wade’s efforts to manipulate the country’s constitution, writes Sokari Ekine in this week’s round-up of African uprisings. Ekine also discusses the continuing public sector strikes in Botswana... |+| read article

Vordenker der Dekolonisierung: Der Kameruner ­Politologe Achille Mbembe vertritt in "Sortir de la grande nuit" einen radikalen Afropolitanismus

achille mbembe

Der folgende Artikel von Moses März wurde zuerst im Kulturteil des Freitag veröffentlicht. Er wurde maßgeblich inspiriert durch die AfricAvenir Publikation "50 Jahre afrikanischen Un-Abhängigkeiten - Eine (selbst)kritische... |+| read article

Uganda is ready for change by Sokari Ekine on Pambazuka

As Ugandan citizens take to the streets in protest against rising food and energy prices, Museveni’s government has once again wheeled out its Anti-Homosexual Bill in an attempt to divert attention from the real source of the problems the people face.|+| read article

Whose dictator is Gaddafi? By Yash Tandon on Pambazuka

Yash Tandon explains the contradictions of ‘imperial finance capital’ in controlling neo-colonial states like Libya. While Gaddafi was being ‘accommodated’ by imperial powers, the ‘Arab Spring’ forced their hand, he says.

To put the West’s case... |+| read article

An African reflection on Tahrir Square by Mahmood Mamdani

While European interpretations of the events of Egypt’s Tahrir Square see the uprising’s roots through a lens of ‘coloured’ revolutions following the decline of the Soviet Union, Mahmood Mamdani instead stresses the resemblance to South Africa’s Soweto in... |+| read article

Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III.: L’Afrique bouge et tire la sonnette d’alarme - De la nécessité d’une solidarité entre les peuples

Prince kum'a ndumbe iii

En ce mois de mars 2011, l’Afrique bouge, les fondements anciens sont renversés, en Tunisie, en Egypte, au Soudan, en Libye, en Côte d’Ivoire, et les grondements au sud du Sahara s’annoncent en onde de choc. Personne ne peut plus faire comme si rien ne se... |+| read article

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