Promotion of African Languages

One of AfricAvenir’s main preoccupations is to contribute to the rehabilitation of African languages and cultures and their re-integration - where possible - into all public spheres, like schools, politics, courts etc. AfricAvenir therefore cooperates with different national and international institutions such as the National Association of Cameroonian Languages (ANACLAC), the Federation of African Languages Academies (FALAA), Project for the Study of Alternative Education in South Africa (PRAESA), and the Austrian Ministry of Education a.o. 

Session d’acquisition des connaissances en langue duala

La fondation AfricAvenir accompagne la décision du Ministre des enseignements secondaires d’introduire l’enseignement des langues maternelles dans le programme scolair en organisant une session d’acquisition des connaissances en langue duala d’un... |+| read article

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