50 Years of African In-Dependences - A (self-)critical Evaluation

With its chosen theme for 2010 – “50 years of African In-dependences – a (self) critical evaluation”, AfricAvenir International e.V. commemorates two anniversaries: the 50th Anniversary, as celebrated by 17 African countries this year, of obtaining sovereignty and independence; and the 125th Anniversary of the so-called Congo-Conference, initiated by Bismarck in Berlin, which formalised Europe’s colonisation of Africa. An historical line will be drawn between the European battles to conquer Africa and the call for formal African independences in the late 1950s until the 1990s. The process of economical, social and cultural decolonisation, which continues to this day, as well as the disappointments following the in-dependences, will also be put up for discussion. To this end, we will organise lectures and workshops, film screenings, a theater play and edit a publication.

50 years of Algerian independence: „Chronique des années de braise / Chronicles of the years of fire“, Original with english subtitles, Sunday, 11 November, 4 pm

On Sunday, 11 November 2012 at 4pm, AfricAvenir in cooperation with the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Algeria and Yedd e.V. invites to the screening of the algerian classic and winner of the Golden Palme in Cannes (1975) „Chronique... |+| read article

STIMMEN AFRIKAS - "50 Jahre afrikanische Un-Abhängigkeiten“ - Buchpräsentation und Lesung mit Sara Hiruth Zewde, Mansour "Kanakassy" Ciss & Judith Strohm, 16.9.2012, 13 Uhr, Köln

50 jahre afrikanische un-abhängigkeiten

Am Sonntag, 16. September 2012 um 13 Uhr lädt das Allerweltshaus Köln zur Buchpräsentation und Lesung von "50 Jahre afrikanische Un-Abhängigkeiten - Eine (selbst)kritische Bilanz" mit Sara Hiruth... |+| read article

Dialogue Forum with Nkechinyere Mbakwe: Nollywood - Pure Profit-Making or Healing of the Colonial Trauma? Tuesday, 17 July 2012, 19h, GLS Language School Berlin

On Tuesday, 17 July 2012 at 19h AfricAvenir invites to a Dialogue Forum with Dr. phil. Nkechinyere Mbakwe on the topic "Nollywood - Pure Profit-Making or Healing of the Colonial Trauma?" (in... |+| read article

HEUTE, DO, 14. Juni 2012: Demonstrationen gegen gegen den Deutschlandbesuch von Burkina Fasos Präsident Compaoré

AfricAvenir, der Arbeitskreis Panafrikanismus München, die Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland (ISD)Berlin Postkolonial und die Senegalesische Vereinigung im Lande Hessen protestieren... |+| read article

Berlin-Premiere: "Hors la loi - Outside the Law" von Rachid Bouchareb am Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012 (Achtung Termin geändert!) um 17 Uhr

Anlässlich des Gedenkens an das von den Franzosen in Algerien am 8. Mai 1945 - am Tag des Kriegsendes in Europa! - verübte Massaker von Sétif, laden AfricAvenir und Yedd am Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012 um 17... |+| read article

“50 Years of Independence - Let's take a look at ...Tanzania“ - Dialogue-Forum with Tundu Lissu on Monday 12 December, 19.00 hrs

On Monday 12 December, 19.00 hrs AfricAvenir in cooperation with Tansania-Netzwerk and Berlin Postkolonial invites to a Dialogue Forum (in English) with tanzanian politician and human rights activist Tundu Lissu at Haus der... |+| read article

Guerre cachée de la France au Cameroun : Un député interpelle le gouvernement

Pour la première fois, un parlementaire français a posé une question officielle au gouvernement au sujet des révélations apportées par le livre Kamerun ! Une guerre cachée aux origines de la Françafrique (La Découverte).

Noël Mamère a demandé au... |+| read article

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