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Big Mouth Open Minds
Big Mouth Open Minds

Big Mouth, Open Minds

As the last African country to gain independence in 1990, Namibia opted for democratic rule. Twelve years on, how have the abstract concepts of 'Independence' and 'Democracy' taken root in Namibia's urban landscape?

Production Details

Director: Kelly Kowalski
Production: Terraplane Production, Mamokobo Production, 2003, English, 60 min
Camera: Eran Tahor, Andy Botelle, Guy De Lancey, Marius Scriven; Edited by Kelly Kowalski, Guy De Lancey, Greg Shaw; sound: Steph Albertyn, Kelly Kowalski, Manuel Jacobs; Support: Ford Foundation

Distribution Details

Distribution: Worldwide
Contact: info(at)africavenir.org

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