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boy saloum

Boy Saloum - The Revolt of the Y'en a marre

They are thirty years old. They have fire in their bellies. They have charisma. In 2011, a few young Senegalese rappers created a social movement called Y'en A Marre (Enough Is Enough). Little did they know that their protest against an oppressive regime would bring about an epic encounter with history. They are the symbol of a new African youth grounded in their own time, open to the outside world, hungry for culture, attached to democracy. Boy Saloum is their story, an intimate portrait of Senegalese culture as a country fights for its rights.

Production Details

Director: Audrey Gallet
France, 2013, 74min, Documentary Feature
Producers : Christophe Nick and Victor Ede - Screenwriters: Audrey Gallet - Cinematographer: Audrey Gallet - Editor: Tal Zana - Still Photo: ©Yami 2-Cinéphage!-Sélébéyone

Distribution Details

Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Contact: info(at)africavenir.org  
Format: BluRay, DVD, Digital File
Language: French with English Subtitles
Poster/Pictures/Press Kit: Can be sent digitally

Press Reviews

"Gallet’s film gives audiences an insider’s view into the inner working of a contemporary social movement." Janette Yarwood, Africa is a Country Website

Director: Audrey Gallet

Audrey Gallet, is 36 years old. During two years, she followed the realization of 3 documentaries for France Télévisions, as film editor and 2nd camera, beside the French director Jean-Robert Viallet. She received the Albert Londres Prize in 2012 (shared with Alice Odiot) for her documentary Zambia, good copper bad copper.

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