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Calypso Rose by Pascale Obolo
Calypso Rose

Calypso Rose - The Lioness of the Jungle

"I did not become a singer of calypso, I was born into calypso" Calypso Rose states. The film is first of all an intimate portrait of the grande diva of Calypso, but it is also a voyage that takes us to the island of Trinidad-Tobago, to New York, Paris, Ouidah and Cotonou. Each of these destinations allows us to discover a particular episode of Rose's life. Calypso Rose delivers: she invokes her childhood, her sources of inspiration, her journey, her humanitarian commitment and her engagement for the recognition of women's rights...but also the faith that guides her life, which has been of paramount importance throughout her artistic trajectory.

Production Details

Documentary, Trinidad & Tobago / F / USA, 2011, 85. Min,
D: Pascale Obolo
OV Englisch

Distribution Details

Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Contact: info(at)africavenir.org  
Format: DVD, MOV (also HDCAM, DVCAM)
Language: English Original Film
Poster/Pictures: Can be sent digitally

Director's Intention

Together, we retraced the footsteps of her past and present life. I was with her when she recorded her latest album in Paris, visited with her in New York where she has lived for the last twenty years and travelled with her to Tobago, the island where she was born and where returns regularly to reconnect with her African roots" and her great passion for fishing and her spirituality, and on to Trinidad, where her international career started - and all the way to Africa to rediscover her African roots.

Each location presets an important place and time in Calypso Rose's life and in each place, we learn a little more about the many faces and facets of her life - the life of a diva with a remarkable personality Transmission as at stake on a political and cinematographic level: at the dawn of her life, I accompany a great lady down memory lane. In this quest, we find some accomplices, fellow travelers of conflict or long time friends. By advancing on the thread which links her private world to the outside, we add and subtract the rest of her dreams and her disappointments. She shares with us what makes her live and what makes us live. Because her history is also ours.


  • Présenté aux Hot Docs 2009
  • 2012/ Quintessence - Festival international du film de Ouidah (Bénin), * PRIX ATTENTION DU JURY
  • 2012 : Femi Guadeloupe
  • 2012 : Kapu film (Autriche)
  • 2012 : Washington DC Film Festival (Etats-Unis)
  • 2012 : Festival international du film documentaire Millenium Bruxelles (Belgique)* Film d'ouverture
  • 2012 : Visions du reel Nyon (Suisse)
  • 2012 : Festival PanAfricain Cannes
  • 2012 : 52nd Krakow film festival Cracovie (Pologne)
  • 2012 : Sakifo musik festival Réunion
  • 2012 : Belize international film festival (Belize)
  • 2012 : Samsung women's international film festival Chennai (Inde)
  • 2013 : Fespaco (Burkina Faso), * 2ème prix - Compétition documentaires


Born in Cameroon, Pascale Obolo studied at the Ecole du Conservatoire Libre du Cinema Français. Passionate about visual arts and music, urban culture pioneer, she filmed the hip-hop movement and Parisian graffiti painters’ scene. She produces reports and documentaries for the Cameroonian television. She collaborates with artists of street art such as Jonone, Shuck, A-One, Jay-ONE and Virgin Music France for which she signed several portraits of artists including Manu Chao, Les Nubians, 3canal, Mungal Patasar, Calypso Rose...

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