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Flight to Heaven
Flight to Heaven

Flight to Heaven

Although many consider the vulture one of the ugliest birds in nature it heals the environment through its role as cleaner of the veldt and also brings about a sense of peace and serenity to the souls of individuals like Maria Diekmann, whose burial wishes differ greatily from the norm. The film investigates the philosophy of sky burials – being eaten and carried to the heavens by vultures after death as practiced in many cultures throughout the ages, and scrutinizes its place iIn modern society. This film offers an intriguing yet compellingly fresh approach on a subject we all will deal with at one point or another but try and ignore for better part of our lives: disposal of our body ?

Production Details

Director: Virginia Witts
Production: Clever Clogs Productions, in collaboration with African Renaissance Productions and Mafisa Media, 2008, English, 24 min

Distribution Details

Distribution: Worldwide
Contact: info(at)africavenir.org

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