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Looking Good
Looking Good Teboho Edkins

Looking Good

His doctor says he is looking good, but he doesn't always feel so good. He is most honest when he films himself, when the camera he operates in his room catches a moment or a lingering self-portrait. The documentary follows the life of Moalosi Thabane for 12 months as he starts taking antiretroviral medicines when his CD4 blood count drops to 82. ARV medicine became available in countries across Southern Africa for free for the first time in 2004. For those able to access the treatment, AIDS has become a chronic disease, no longer a life-threatening one. Looking Good is an original, contemporary film about a change in perspective for those living with HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa.

Production Details

Director: Teboho Edkins
Documentary, 49’ min, 2005, Lesotho
Production: DayZero Film, co-production: Sesotho Media

Distribution Details

Screenings selection

  • Screened at various film festivals
  • Pemiered at Visions du Réel, in Nyon, Switzerland, 2006
  • Various International Film Festivals
  • Sold to Finnish National Television YLE

Teboho Edkins

Teboho Edkins was born in the USA in 1980 and grew up mainly in Lesotho, South Africa but also in Germany. He studied Fine Art at the University of Cape Town, followed by a 2-year post-graduate residency at le Fresnoy, studio national des arts contemporains in France and then a post-graduate film directing programme at the dffb film academy in Berlin.

2013: Gangster Backstage 38’min
2011: Gangster Project 54’ min
2011: Thato 27’ 35” min
2008: Kinshasa 2.0, 11’07” min
2006 – 2007: Gangster Project 1, 7’30” min
2005: True Love, 28’ min
2005: Looking Good, 47’ min
2004: Ask Me I'm Positive, 48’ min

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