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Pr Issa N’Diaye: Mali - une ‘démocratie’ contre le peuple !

La chute brutale de ATT a mis à nu les fondements pourris de la démocratie malienne tant chantée à l’extérieur. Les populations maliennes l’avaient compris il y a belle lurette. En témoignent les taux de participation qui dégringolaient d’élection en... |+| lire l'article

Kwame Opoku: Damage to Nok Scupture in Private Western Collection. Will Other African Artefacts End in this Way?

It has been reported in the New York Daily News that the widow of the French artist Arman, is suing in Manhattan Supreme Court for damage to a Nok sculpture caused during a photo shooting session for an art magazine. The sculpture fell and broke into pieces... |+| lire l'article

An Open Letter from African women to the Minister of Culture: The Venus Hottentot Cake, by

April 21, 2012. We the undersigned women of African /African descent and  our supporters, which include anti-racist activists, scholars community leaders and Faith leaders wish to address the Swedish  Venus Hottentot Cake Incident.  First, we... |+| lire l'article

"Mit kolonialen Grüßen... Berichte und Erzählungen von Auslandsaufenthalten rassismuskritisch betrachtet", neue Broschüre von Glokal e.V.

Wenn wir auf Reisen oder sogar für eine längere Zeit in den globalen Süden gehen, erleben wir ungemein viel und möchten gerne unseren Freund_innen und Verwandten zuhause berichten und sie an unseren Erlebnissen, Erfahrungen und Eindrücken teilhaben lassen.... |+| lire l'article

On Film and cinema in Libya – Interview with Libyan film critic and festival director Ramadan Salim, by Hans-Christian Mahnke

ramadan salim

Ramadan Salim was born 1953 in Azizia, Libya. He is writer, journalist, and film critic, who began writing in 1979 about Libyan literature and never stopped since. His work focuses on Arabic culture in general, and on Magreb literature and cinema in... |+| lire l'article

Editorial: Germany’s genocide in Namibia – Unbearable silence, or How not to deal with your colonial past

On 22 March 2012, the German parliament will debate a |+| motion to acknowledge its brutal 1904-08 genocide of the Nama and Herero peoples. Germany’s... |+| lire l'article

Reinhart Kössler/Henning Melber: The genocide in Namibia (1904-08) and its consequences: Toward a culture of memory for a memory culture today – a German perspective

The repatriation of human remains more than a century after they were taken to Germany from Namibia has evoked painful memories of colonial wars in which primary African resistance was crushed, and genocide perpetrated (1904–08) in what was then the colony of... |+| lire l'article

Peter H. Katjavivi: The significance of the repatriation of Namibian human skulls

Former Namibian Ambassador to Germany, Prof. Peter H. Katjavivi, who was instrumental in getting the repatriation process with Charité started, calls upon both Namibians and Germans to confront the past honestly as part of the process of recovering human... |+| lire l'article

Kwame Opoku: Return of stolen skulls by Germany to Namibia: Closure of a horrible chapter?

Refuting in detail the arguments proffered by Germany on the questions of apology and compensation for the genocide of the Herero and the Nama, Dr Kwame Opoku notes that the Namibia-Germany case is being keenly observed by other African peoples and states... |+| lire l'article

Casper W. Erichsen: Skullduggery and necrophilia in colonial Namibia

Names, dates, statistics, records, photographs – Namibia-based historian, Casper W. Erichsen, explains some of the factual evidence of the multiple atrocities that were part of the genocide in Namibia. At the end of the 19th century the rediscovery of... |+| lire l'article

Horst Kleinschmidt: The absence of reconciliation

Namibian-born Horst Kleinschmidt provides challenging observations and personal family history linked to the colonial era. Urging both Germany and German-speaking Namibians to confront their past honestly, he offers examples of apologies made in similar... |+| lire l'article

Alfredo Tjiurimo Hengari: The return of the Herero and Nama skulls: Coming to terms with a difficult history

In his analysis of the failure over more than two decades to deal with the genocide, Alfredo Tjiurimo Hengari looks at the changing attitudes of Namibia’s SWAPO-led government and the role of the Namibian media as well as Germany’s evasive political... |+| lire l'article

Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi/Michael Küppers-Adebisi: Diaspora ‘Faces of the African Renaisance’ – New pan-African images out of Germany

In the critical reading of their exhibition ‘Faces of the African Renaisance’, Adetoun Küppers-Adebisi and Michael Küppers-Adebisi deconstruct German colonial genocide in Africa and contemporary, neo-colonial racism against people of African descent in... |+| lire l'article

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