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Born in Etosha
Born in Etosha

Born in Etosha Part I + II

Etosha National Park is world-famous for its huge herds of wildlife and stunning desert landscapes. This is a 2-part documentary that tells the human history of Etosha. In part I (61 mins) Etosha is brought to life through the oral histories of the many peoples that lived and moved through here. Combining archive footage, interviews, re-enactments and animation we bring these early years to life, from a time before there was even a Park. Part I ends in 1907 when the German colonial Governor proclaims Etosha as the biggest Reserve in the world.

Part II (78 mins) recounts the last 100 years of Etosha as a Game Park. From the original inhabitants of Etosha, the Hai //om people, to the poachers, farmers and game guards that lived in Etosha, through half a century of Apartheid when everyone was forced out of the Game Park, to the liberation war and Namibia’s Independence in 1990, Part II ends celebrating 100 years of Etosha as a Game Park and its bright future.

These are the true stories of Etosha. The unwritten stories of the people that made Etosha what it is today. Come journey with us through this rich cultural landscape and hear the Hidden Stories of Etosha told by those born here

Production Details

Directors: Andrew Botelle & Robert Scott
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Tebbit, English, 2011, Documentary (with Drama & Animation)
Part 1: 61 min, Part 2: 78 min

Distribution Details

Distribution: Worldwide
Contact: info(at)africavenir.org


Winner Documentary, Namibian Theatre and Film Awards, 2012

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