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African Perspectives – Windhoek. Programme 2

"The film series ""African Perspectives - Windhoek"" starts its second round of films on Tuesday, 9 October at 18.30h.
Night Stop (out of the series: Steps for the Future films)
Mozambique/South Africa 2003, 52 min, Orig. with Engl. ST, Director: Licinio Azevedo
The Corridor of Death lies in central Mozambique, a long-distance trucking route, where than 30 percent of the population is HIV positive. The film charts a series of interwoven stories about the lives of women who wait for the arrival of drivers at an overnight trucking station. Groups of sex workers, the Calamities, the Students and the Founding Members, sell their services, disappearing into the drivers’ trucks, which are cheaper than renting rooms. In this world, even though condoms are distributed free by activists, you can earn by having unprotected sex.
Eclipse (out of the series: Steps for the Future)
Mozambique/South Africa 2002, 26 min, Orig., with Engl. ST, Director: Orlando Mesquita
Eclipse is a dreamlike documentary depicting the total blackout of four girls’ lives, eclipsed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It is a story about four sisters - the oldest sixteen and the youngest nine. They are AIDS orphans. Their mother died of AIDS and their father disappeared, probably to commit suicide in a nearby place of spirits. The film documents the girls’ day to day struggle for existence as they try to make ends meet by re-selling produce they have bought from the market.
Tuesday, 9 October
18:30 hrs
Venue: FNCC
Entrance: N$ 10
Re-run KCAC: Thursday, 18 October, 13:00 hrs

Mapantsula (Hustler)
South Africa 1988, 100 min, Afrikaans, Engl., Sotho, Zulu with Engl. ST, Director: Oliver Schmitz
Mapantsula tells the story of Panic, a petty gangster who inevitably becomes caught up in the growing anti-apartheid struggle and has to choose between individual gain and the betterment of his people as a whole, standing united against the Apartheid-system. Filmed on location in Soweto, this film is the first anti-apartheid feature by, for and about South Africans. A highly political film made at the height of the anti-Apartheid struggle, banned by the Apartheid authorities, and endorsed by the ANC.
Thursday, 8. November
18:30 hrs
Venue: FNCC
Entrance: N$ 10
Re-run KCAC: Thursday, 15 November, 13:00 hrs

Faith’s Corner - Premiere in Namibia
South Africa 2005, 90 min, Engl., Director: Darrell James Roodt
Faith’s Corner is a powerful story about Faith and her two young sons, Siyabonga and Lucky, who live on the streets of modern day Johannesburg. Faith works a busy street junction begging from passing motorists. With the little money she makes, she tries to raise her children as best as she can though they often go to sleep hungry and scared. Faith has to combat the apathy of the wealthy elite that pass her everyday and also the distrust and anger of the locals.
Wednesday, 14 November
18:30 hrs
Venue: Goethe-Centre
Entrance: N$ 10
Re-run KCAC: 22 November, 13:00 hrs"

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