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Editions AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialogue at the Francfort Bookfair - Stall 5.0-D 924

prince kum'a ndumbe III

Since 40 years Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III writes and published in German and through this, makes it possible for a German public to get a direct access to an African perspective without any translation filter. Letters, poems & short stories, politically motivated documentary theater plays and scientific articles (History, Politics and German Studies) on the global context of Africa and for a common destiny of humanity. From 14-18 October 2009, the author is for the first time presenting his complete German Anthology in 11 volumes at the Editions AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialogue Stall (5.0-D 924) at the Francfort Book Fair. On Saturday, 17 October 2009 between 11.30-12.30 hours, a reading on the topic "China against versus the USA in Africa?" followed by a conversation and book signing will take place at Forum Dialog (6.1-E 913).

|+| List of French Books
|+| Anthology of German Books by Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III

Who organizes and invites?
About the Publishing House

AfricAvenir International Foundation was created in 1985 by Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III, Professor of the Universities and founder of the aforesaid foundation. This Foundation works for African Rebirth, Development and for the International cooperation and Peace. Today it has a representation in Namibia (Windhoek), Germany (Berlin) and Austria (Vienna and Graz). You can discover the extent of its activities by visiting its Internet site www.AfricAvenir.org.

The AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialog Editions put a space at the disposal of writers so that they can make known their literary works and also scientists who work for the African Rebirth and the alarm clock of the African people. We publish books in the Cameroonian languages, in French, English and German. These are all publications in original version without any translation of a language to another. Indeed, this originality meets the need to keep the fidelity and the authenticity of the thought expressed by the authors in their respective languages.

It is an important instrument for the transmission of the philosophy of the Foundation. It also makes it possible to the African and non-African writers to express their vision of the “common destiny of humanity”.

It goes without saying that the books thus published are of a priceless value and undeniable importance for the construction of the greater comfort of whole humanity in a context of universalisation.

Which are the main points?
Events on the walk of the world and the voice of Africa

Among our most famous authors, appears Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III and His Royal Highness Prince Rene Douala Manga Bell, higher chief of the Bell canton and Serving chairman of Ngondo. Let us specify that the AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialog Editions hold the exclusiveness in publication of the works of this last. What a privilege for the publisher and for our readers!

To discover these works, we invite you to visit the site of the publisher www.exchange-dialogue.com. Or then, to consult the list of the works united in Appendix I with this note.

In addition, these works will be presented to the general public during Frankfurt books Fair, Stand 5.0-D924, from October 14th to 18th 2009. For this occasion, special books will be published:

  • Chapelle païenne of Prince René Douala Manga Bell, (Political series/History)
  • Souvenir D’antan of Prince René Douala Manga Bell, Poetry (series: Literature)
  • Carnaval Place de la Nation of Prince Kum’a  Ndumbe III, Novel (series: Literature)
  • Aujourd’hui, j’ai 24 ans  of Prince Kum’a  Ndumbe III, Novel (series: Biography)

Moreover, in exclusivity, the Anthology of the German books of Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III will be presented with offers in dedication. This Anthology which understands 11 pounds also appears in Appendix II.

It is possible to acquire these works throughout Frankfurt books Fair in the AfricAvenir International Stand as mentioned above at exceptional prices with in more the dedication of the one of the authors who is also the editor, Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III.
Don’t miss it!

You will be able to also follow the public reading of Prince Kum'a Ndumbe III within the framework of the Forum of Dialog, 6.1-E913, on Saturday, October 17, 2009 of 11:30 min to 12:30 min on the following set of themes:
« A new era opens in Africa: China against the USA? ».
Modération : Holger Ehling  (Holger Ehling Media)

The foundation AfricAvenir International then invites the public and the media in mass to this event to discover, and make discover, the Editions AfricAvenir/Exchange & Dialog and their productions whose contents are new and especially edifying in term of visions and proposals for the African Rebirth and the common wellbeing of humanity in this third millennium.


For any contact or meeting at the books Fair:
I. Mautner: Tel. 00 43 6644022528

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