African Personalities

Africans or people of African descent who have influenced the course of African or world history, who have resisted slavery and colonisation, faught for Africa's liberation, against racism, and for an African renaissance. These people deserve to be known throughout the world, not only by Africans or a few historians. This section intends to collect biographies and material on these famous or unknown Africans, yet, it does not claim to be complete. Contributions are welcome: info(at)

"Hamba Khale, Madiba: the contestation between symbolism and mythologies" by Firoze Manji

As Mandela passes on to join the ancestors, a wave of sadness sweeps the entire planet. There can be few places and few people who are not in some way deeply affected by this event. Madiba symbolizes many things for many people. For the survivors of the... |+| read article

Amber Murrey: The revolution and the emancipation of women - A Reflection on Sankara’s Speech, 25 Years Later

thomas sankara

Firs published by The life and work of Thomas Sankara can be taken as a reminder of both the power and potential for human agency to enact transformation.

I would like to situate my ideas within the geo-political context of the... |+| read article

Samora Machel (1933-1986), de la révolution à la tête du Mozambique

Samora Machel s’est très tôt engagé dans la lutte pour l’indépendance du Mozambique. En 1975, il est devenu le premier président du pays indépendant, mettant en place une politique marxiste autoritaire et devant gérer une situation sous-régionale très tendue.... |+| read article

L'autre cinquantenaire : l'oubli de Maran (1887-1960)

Le cinquantenaire de la mort de l'écrivain René Maran, ce "précurseur de la négritude" pour certains, s'est vu célébré de manière plus que discrète. Retour sur le contexte historique au sein duquel s'est façonnée l'œuvre littéraire de Maran. Ce... |+| read article

Basil Davidson, Africa thanks you

By Cameron Duodu, for Pambazuka News. Basil Davidson wrote so passionately about Africa it was assumed he was an African, writes Cameron Duodu, paying tribute to the late historian, whose work ‘enriched the world's understanding of Africa’. Davidson was ‘not... |+| read article

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