Gedenken an 130 Jahre anti-kolonialen Widerstand in Kamerun

Der anti-koloniale Widerstand in Kamerun hat nicht mit Rudolf Duala Manga Bell im Jahr 1914 begonnen, sondern bereits mit Kum'a Mbape (Lock Priso) im August 1884. Lock Priso hat von Beginn der kolonialen Besetzung bis zum Rückzug der Deutschen vom kamerunischen Gebiet Widerstand geleistet. Das Protest-Telegramm der Duala Könige an den deutschen Kanzler Bethmann Holweg vom 24. November 1913 ist unterzeichnet von den Königen « Bell, Akwa, Deido, Kum’a Mbape ». 130 Jahre ist es in diesem Jahr 2014 her, dass Lock Priso die Unabhängigkeit seines Territoriums als Basis für Frieden und Entwicklung verlangt hat. Mit einer Artikelreihe in der Tageszeitung "Le Messager", in der Teils unveröffentlichtes Material zum ersten Mal abgedruckt wird, gedenkt AfricAvenir der 130 Jahre anti-kolonialen Widerstand.

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Cooperation: Screening of "Miners Shot Down", 29 August 2014, 7pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

August 2012: Escalating police violence during the seventh day of a miners’ strike leads to the “Massacre of Marikana.” Thirty-four workers died and many more were injured. Rehad Desai accompanied the strike from day one and confronts audiences with footage... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Screening of "Behind the Rainbow", 29 August 2014, 8pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma are the most prominent figures in the ANC. In exile they were brothers in arms, and during Mandela’s presidency they worked together to build an antiracist state. Today they are bitter enemies. Jihan El-Tahri examines the... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Screening of "Layla Fourie", 30 August 2014, 6pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

A single mother gets a job in a lie-detector company and hopes all will be better for herself and her son. When she hits a man with her car and flees the scene, she soon finds herself trapped in a fatal net of lies and guilt. A thriller which ponders South... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Screening of "Nelson Mandela: The Myth and Me", 30 August 2014, 8pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Khalo Matabane questions his childhood hero, Nelson Mandela, pictures of whom were officially forbidden at the time. Although raised to idealize Mandela without reservation, the filmmaker finds himself faced with ever greater doubt. Did Mandela’s policy of... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Concert by "Nozinja (Shangaan Electro)", 30 August 2014, 10pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Shangaan Electro, the electronic dance sensation that grew around extravagant producer and entertainer Nozinja has long enjoyed something of a cult status—and not only in “Joburg.” The musical styles of the Tsonga are brought up to 180 bpm and combined with a... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Screening of "A Long Night's Journey Into Day", 31 August 2014, 5pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

The Oscar-nominated directors depict four cases from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission implemented between 1996 and 1998 as a part of the government’s conciliatory policies. ‘Black’ and ‘white’ perpetrators come face to face with victims and survivors.... |+| zum Artikel

Namibian Premiere: "Felix" by Roberta Durrant, Saturday, 30 August, 19h00, Goethe-Centre Windhoek

felix, south african film

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s freedom and democracy since the first democratic elections on 27 April 29914, AfricAvenir Windhoek and the South African High Commission present the screening of the feel-good movie “Felix”, directed by... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Screening of "Africa Shafted: Under One Roof", 31 August 2015, 7pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

A number of short stories from the elevator in Johannesburg’s largest apartment building, Ponte City, which houses 4,400 occupants from all over Africa on 54 floors. Filmed over five years during the time preceding the tenants’ eviction and up until one month... |+| zum Artikel

Cooperation: Screening of "Skoonheid/Beauty", 31 August 2014, 8.15 pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

François is a conservative and nationalistic macho from the ‘white’ middle-class. He’s completely numb—to everything. When young Christian enters his life, François’ suppressed homosexuality erupts in compulsion and violence. Director: Oliver... |+| zum Artikel

Erstes Fest zur Umbenennung der Berliner „Mohrenstraße“, 23. August 2014 um 14 Uhr, Berlin-Mitte

Am 23. August 2014, dem Internationalen Tag zur Erinnerung an den Handel mit Versklavten und an seine Abschaffung, findet das 1. Fest zur Umbenennung der Berliner "M.-Straße" in Berlin-Mitte statt.

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Kooperation: Summer School: Reanimation & Reenactment. Filmische Formen der Wieder-Begegnung. 21. bis 23. August 2014

Seit 2009 bietet das Arsenal – Institut für Film und Videokunst eine Summer School an, als Angebot an alle Interessierten, sich drei Tage lang gemeinsam und intensiv mit einem Thema an der Schnittstelle von Theorie und Praxis des Films... |+| zum Artikel

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