World Premiere: "Head Gone" (Nigeria, 2014), with Director Dare Fasasi in Attendance, Tuesday, 16 September 2014, 20h00, Hackesche Höfe Kino

As part of our new film series „New Nigerian Cinema“ curated by actor and producer Wale Ojo, AfricAvenir is presenting the World Premiere of the comedy „Head Gone“ in presence of the director Dare Fasasi. The movie will be screened in Nigeria only in December 2014: this means we are privileged to host the first ever public screening! The movie takes an ironic and amused look at the socio-political framework of Nigeria. Rather a satire than a comedy, this work sheds light on existential questions of the human condition. It casts a long pondering look at mental illness and on what we perceive as crazy and what not. Dare Fasasis’ debut as a director boasts an impressive cast list which features some of Nigeria’s finest actors, musicians and comedians. A must see movie!

On a sunny day a bus starts its journey with mentally ill people to a psychiatric hospital. On the other side of the city a gang prepares an armed assault on its clueless victim. Somewhere else a group of prisoners get transferred to another prison. Bizarre and hilarious situations and scenes arise out of the clash of the psychiatry bus with the armed robbers, their victims and the prison transport.

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