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Le Laboratoire Deberlinisation launches the GLOBAL PASS and the AFRO Express Card


Le Laboratoire Deberlinisation is proud to announce and to give a sneak preview of our exciting new products: the "Global Pass" and the "AFRO Express" Card. These two new cards, long only a hopeful dream, will be launched officially at the Transmediale media festival in Berlin in February 2010. Created by Mansour Ciss and Baruch Gottlieb, these two new cards afford the bearer unprecedented utopian functionalities.

The Global Pass: A limited edition of 1000 personalized cards which allows the bearer unlimited travel and residence everywhere on Earth. Including universal Health Insurance!! For a world of equal privileges.

The AFRO Express Card: A limited edition of 1000 personalized cards which work like a normal bank cards, allowing you the most convenient way yet to store and spend your AFROS.

We are selling the two cards for €10 (including 5 AFRO starting credit. You can pay when you pick yours up at the transmediale. If you can't come there, just write us at karten(at)deberlinisation.de and we'll work something out.More information: http://www.deberlinisation.de/register.html

|+| Download Application Form (pdf)

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