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Successful Start of the Campaign: “125 years Berlin Africa conference: commemoration, reappraisal, reparation”

On Sunday 15th November 2009 our broadly based civic alliance commemorated the opening of the Berlin Africa conference 125 years ago with a demonstration and started the campaign “125 years Berlin Africa conference: commemoration, reappraisal, reparation”. After the address of welcome by Sven Mekarides, campaign speaker from “Afrika-Rat Berlin-Brandenburg”, around 300 people marched from “Mohrenstraße” to Neue Wache Unter den Linden.

 In numerous speeches our alliance groups as well as politicians from Die LINKE, SPD and the Greens demanded a fundamental change in dealing with the German colonial past and the compensation of colonial-racist injustice. With a minute’s silence in front of the Neue Wache we commemorated  the countless victims of German and European colonialism, that did  not find a mention during the preceding official memorial day commemoration.

We would like to thank all participants, who contributed towards the successful prelude for our campaign. Now we would like to refer you to our interactive and continually expanding campaign-website:


  • Sign online our appeal and the demands of our alliance!
  • Submit your suggestions for reparation of colonial injustice!
  • Support our alliance as a group on kampagne@berliner-afrika-konferenz.de
  • Announce your events for the commemoration of the Berlin Africa conference und its consequences on  info(at)berliner-afrika-konferenz.de

Thanks for your support!

yours sincerely

Sven Mekarides (Afrika-Rat Berlin-Brandenburg)
Armin Massing (Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag)
Christian Kopp (Berlin Postkolonial)

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