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Planète Metis - new Cultural-Networker in Germany

Planète Metis - the most reliable Cultural-Networker - is pleased to inform you officially that its new website, www.planetemetis.net, is now online. Innovative in its approach, "Planète Métis" covers different cultural and is set out to reinforce, by the mean of its strong public relations building capacity and its networking platform, the visibility of artists from Africa and the rest of world.
We shall also be delivering on regular basis updated information on the newest publications or cultural events, which puts African artists at the centre of their focus.

Besides, we offer following services as the result of our strong connection the African cultural milieus:


  • Music download from artists on our website
  • Purchase or rental of CDs and DVDs (Music, Film)
  • Contacts mediation and management (films/artists)
  • Expertise for programming cultural events
  • Texts, videos or audio statements and analysis by well-known personalities on the history or the cultures of different countries on the African continent
  • Extensive coverage of current cultural productions and events

Additionally, we shall offer, completely free of charge, a monthly magazine: "Planète Métis Magazine". This magazine shall be available only in electronic form, which leaves you the option to download or to read it online. Its objective is to take a fresh look at the contemporary cultures on the African continent, under a critical but constructive perspective. In that respect, the journal shall contain contributions, by art critics, authorities from the culture scenes, academics and arts journalists, in which they share with you their views and comments on art productions and festivals about Africa.
We are looking forward to having you visit our website soon: www.planetemetis.net

Please contact us, if you have any suggestion or comment.

Planète Metis Metis

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