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AfricAvenir (Hrsg.): Gerard Chenet : Mon dernier mot - Je t'aime ma vie


Price: 20.00 EUR


Gerard Chenet is an artist, architect, poet and, most important, the founder of a little paradise in the south of Dakar, Senegal called Sobo Bade. He is now 92 years old and started the project 20 years ago. Sobo Bade is a Holiday resort, right at the seaside and what is very special about this resort is that the center piece is a amphitheatre, where international dance/ music performances take place. It connects the local artists to international artists and attracts tourists as well as inhabitants. Gerard Chenet founded, planned and built this place. When i saw this beautiful place at first i was fascinated by the concept and how everything fits so nicely together. I like the idea that the arts in this case are influencing the life and day by day of many people, the inhabitants- the people passing by or staying there for a few days, that get a deep impression by having the chance to get into direct and often times personal contact with the artists. Also international artists bringing a sense and taste of the world to the village.

AfricAvenir presents you a book devoted to an extraordinary work of Gérard Chenet. The publication features numerous poems and photos from the Haitian artist.

AfricAvenir präsentiert Ihnen ein Buch, das sich einer außergewöhnlichen Arbeit von Gérard Chenet widmet. Die Publikation enthält zahlreiche Gedichte und Fotos des haitianischen Künstlers.

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