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King Ampaw: No Time to Die


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A man dedicated to his career finds his job is interfering with his love life in this comedy from writer and director King Ampaw. Asante (David Dontoh) drives a hearse for a living, and while he's bright and attentive on the job, he doesn't understand why he can't seem to find a girlfriend. Asante meets Esi (Agartha Ofori), a lovely woman with a career as a dancer, when her mother dies and he's hired to help arrange the funeral. Asante is immediately smitten with Esi and goes out of his way to help make the memorial service special, even going so far as to dig into his own pocket to pay for a special coffin that resembles an airplane in tribute to the late woman's fondness for aviation. While Esi appreciates that Asante is willing to go the extra mile, she's a bit put off by the fact he deals with dead people on a regular basis, but while she tries to keep him at a polite distance, Asante isn't easily deterred in winning Esi's hand. Asante even begins stopping by Esi's house while in the neighborhood on business, though as it happens he's not actually picking up bodies, much to the annoyance of his boss.

No Time To Die received its American premiere at the 2007 African Diaspora Film Festival in New York City.

King Ampaw was born on the 25th of July 1940 in Kukurantumi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. He is married with two sons. He has produced, directed and acted in a number of films including Nana Akoto (Juju) in 1985, Kukurantumi (Road to Accra) in 1983, No Time to Die (2006) and Cobra Verde (1987) among others. His works are recognized internationally and have won awards including the Film Critics Award for Kukurantumi at Fespaco in Ouagadougou, the Input Film Award for Juju in Czech Republic, the Talifa Film Festival Award in Spain for No Time to Die. He was the first filmmaker to win an Honorary Award at the Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Nigeria and other awards in Germany.

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