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Martin Baer: White Ghosts (Weiße Geister)


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In this documentary Martin Baer attempts to explain what significance a crime which occurred one hundred years ago can acquire for our coexistence in the modern world. How have the Ovaherero kept alive and passed on their memories of the catastrophe of their defeat by the German colonial troops? And how have the Germans handled their history, initially celebrated as a victory and then damned as a crime? In Namibia, people remember the events from 1904 to 1907 in a completely different manner to those in Germany. Something which still has great significance in Africa is of almost no interest to anyone in Germany. Why have the Germans forgotten and suppressed their past in Africa so thoroughly and why do the Ovaherero celebrate these events which are described as genocide nowadays and during which they take over and imitate the uniforms and badges of rank of their onetime adversaries?

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