Projects in Namibia

This page features the latest news about the projects implemented by the Namibian section of AfricAvenir. Since 2007, AfricAvenir is concentrating on the organisation of a film series named "African Perspectives" which we organise in cooperation with the Goethe-Centre and other institutions. Until June 2012 the screenings of ths film series took place in studio 77 and are now shown in the Goethe-Centre.

AfricAvenir Windhoek: African Perspectives Film Series in 2013


The AfricAvenir "African Perspectives" Film Series in Windhoek has become an established institution in Namibia's capital over the years. Here we give you an overview of our planning for the year 2013, a year full of good African... |+| read article

“Destiny” - A film to be remembered today. Chahine and Averroes as relevant as ever. By Hans-Christian Mahnke, Windhoek, Namibia


I visited Cordoba, Spain this year for the first time, attending the 9th African Film Festival Cordoba as a panellist and international guest. Here I came across the statue of an Arabic scholar born 1126 in Cordoba, and died in 1198 in Marrakesh. Abū l-Walīd... |+| read article

Namibian Movie Collection @ 50! Looking for Ilonga, Uno's World & the NMC @ DISCOP Africa 2012


The Namibian Movie Collection (NMC), launched in November 2009, now consists of 50 films made by Namibian filmmakers and foreign films with relevance to the Namibian film landscape. For the purpose of promotion, filmmakers agreed to... |+| read article

Call for Submissions for the 2nd Luxor African Film Festival, March 2013

AfricAvenir is once again official partner to this truely amazing festival at the historical site of Luxor, Egypt. The festival takes place in proximity of the temples of Luxor, Karnak, and of the Lady Pharaoh Hatchepsut. Luxor is also famous for the... |+| read article

Namibian Premiere: “Behind the Rainbow”, Saturday, 01 December 2012, 19h00, Goethe-Centre, Windhoek

As the closing film of 2012 in the series “African Perspectives”, AfricAvenir presents the Namibian Premiere of the critically acclaimed documentary “Behind the Rainbow - Will Power Consume the Dream?",... |+| read article

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