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Grada Kilomba: Plantation Memories. Episodes of Everyday Racism

„Plantation Memories is a compilation of episodes exploring everyday racism. Linking postcolonial theory and lyrical narrative, the book provides a new and inspiring interpretation of everyday racism in the form of short stories. From the question "Where do you come from?" to the N-word to Hair Politics, the book is essential for anyone interested in Black studies, postcolonialism, critical whiteness, gender studies and psychoanalysis"" (Unrast-Verlag, September 2008).

"The combination of these two words, ‚plantation‘ and ‚memories,‘ describes racism as not only the restaging of a colonial past, but also as traumatic reality.
Everyday racism, argues Grada Kilomba, is experienced as a violent shock which suddenly places the Black subject in a colonial scene where, as in a plantation scenario, one is imprisoned as the subordinate and exotic ‚Other.‘ „What a beautiful N.! Look how nice the N. looks. I want to be one too!“ says a girl to Kathleen. Kathleen is schocked, for she didn‘t expect to be perceived as the inferior ‚Other.‘

This moment of surprise and pain describes everyday racism as a mise-en-scéne where whites suddenly become symbolic masters and Blacks, through insult and humiliation, become figurative slaves. Unexpectedly, the past comes to coincide with the present and the present is experienced as if one were in that agonizing past, as the titel Plantation Memories announces.""
(Unrast-Verlag, September 2008)
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