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NOLLYWOOD SPEZIAL: Arugba am 18.02.2010

Donnerstag 18.02.2010
Werkstatt der Kulturen, Club

R.: Tunde Kelani, Nigeria 2008, 97 min, OmenglUT
Kurator: J. Enoka Ayemba

The king of a small town in south-western Nigeria makes much publicized statements against corruption while instituting economic reforms and embracing foreign investors. But the reforms don’t appear to be trickling down to the people and the king trusts no one and has a weakness for women, which compromises his leadership. Meanwhile, preparations are being made for a traditional ritual in which a young virgin – the arugba – carries a sacrificial calabash. With superb performances from Bukola Awoyemi and some of Nigeria’s leading actors, “Arugba” is a beautifully executed film which functions as an allegory for contemporary Nigeria.

“The Film Arugba is yet another effort to state a case for our language and culture in a fast globalising world.  It touches on wide ranging issues such as gender equality, HIV/AIDS, good governance and many other contemporary issues, all within the context of traditional and contemporary Yoruba culture.“
Tunde Kelani, Director

Eintritt frei

Kurator: J. Enoka Ayemba arbeitet als Filmkritiker und Referent in Berlin. Seine Arbeitsschwerpunkte sind die Kinos Afrikas, die nigerianische Videofilmindustrie und der antikoloniale Widerstand.

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