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Cooperation: Concert by South African Jazz Legend Hugh Masekela


Info   Admission: 18€/15€ (film included)


Hugh Masekela is considered one of the most important jazz musicians in South Africa. His greatest successes include “Grazing in the Grass” (1968) and the song “Bring Him Back Home” (1987), which became the anthem for the liberation of Nelson Mandela. Aided by the British Anglican bishop and anti-apartheid activist Trevor Huddleston, Masekela began to play the trumpet in 1954. In 1961 he went into exile in London before moving to the United States. He later lived in a number of African countries. From 1973 he was active with Fela Kuti and the band Hedzoleh Sounds. After the end of apartheid, Masekela returned to South Africa. Since 2007 he has served as member of the board for the Woyome Foundation for Africa.

Open-Air on the roof terrace (in case of rain indoors)

<time itemprop="startDate" datetime="2014-08-28T20:00:00+0200">Thu, Aug 28, 8 pm </time> <time itemprop="endDate"> </time>
Admission: 18€/15€ (film included)
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