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Inspiring New Imaginations: "Eembwiti" & "Tuuli" with Perivi Katjavivi & Virginia Witts in Attendance


Info   Entrance: 5 N$ for children/youth and 15 N$ for adults


To celebrate Namibia's 25th Independence we screen this month 2 Namibian short movies for children: Eembwiti and Tuuli. Perivi John Katjavivi, the director of Eembwiti, and Virginia Witts, the director of Tuuli, will both be present at the screening for a Q and A with the children.

About the films:

Namibia, 2011, 18 min., spoken in English / Oshiwambo
Director: Perivi John Katjavivi; Screenplay: Maria Amukoshi, Vanessa Abisai Pondoleni Uushunga, Hileni Kaluhoni, Maria Immanuel

A Namibian family from the busy city of Windhoek, travel up north to the village to visit their Granny. The children are especially snobby and seem more interested in their ipods and cell phones than their new rural surroundings. On what seems like a boring holiday, the spoilt kids upset their Granny when they break village customs and norms. Just when it seems their new environment is impossible, they find fun and adventure in the culture they fought so hard to resist.

Namibia, 2003, 5 min., Oshiwambo with English subtitles
Director: Virgina Witts

Tuuli is a curious young girl in Northern Namibia trying to learn and grow up as her surrounding demands. One day, a mishap happens to her, and Tuuli finds a way to solve the problem.

The film Tuuli forms part of the TV series 'Open a door", produced by Ragdoll. The significance of the movie is that the story is told throughout without any dialogue.

Inspiring Young Imaginations is a project organised by AfricAvenir in partnership with the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) and Hope Initiatives Southern Africa (HISA) and supported by Terre des Hommes Italy (TdH) and Jac -Mat.

For more information email or call:
AfricAvenir Windhoek: Claudia Van Houtum-Nakuta, c_van_houtum(at)hotmail.com, 081 462 4541
FNCC Multimedia Library: Nicolas Ronde, library(at)fncc.org.na, 081 801 7947 – 061 387 334

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