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Lecture and Performance by Biko Mutsaurwa: Hiphop Kulture and Freedom of Expression in Zimbabwe


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Biko Mutsaurwa aka Biko MC will hold a lecture-performance on "Hiphop Kulture and Freedom of Expression in Zimbabwe: Community Radio, The Mixtape and Cultural Resistance". Introduction & Moderation: Katja Kellerer.

The event is organised by AfricAvenir in cooperation with Lehr- und Forschungsbereich „Literaturen und Kulturen Afrikas“, Humboldt University Berlin.

Biko Mutsaurwa aka Biko MC is a poet, Hiphop artist and community activist. He is Prime Minista of the Republik of Pungwe, a Movement of Hiphop Aktivists based in Zimbabwe that promote freedom of expression, freedom of association, and freedom of assembly through Hiphop Kulture. The Republik of Pungwe is affiliated with the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan – a continental network of various underground Afrikan Hiphop Kollektives. 

His artistic style, which he calls Toyitoyi, is powerful and rhythmic, strongly criticising oppressive systems in Zimbabwe and beyond. Outside of Zimbabwe, he has performed in South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland and Germany. In 2013, the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition awarded him the Human Rights and Democracy Award for his political and cultural work.

At this event, Biko will centre his discussion on the media landscape and movement-building in Zimbabwe by addressing the creative ways in which Hiphop artists circumvent the oppressive reality of restrictive laws and state-controlled media in their fight for social and political justice.

Katja Kellerer holds an MA in African Studies from the Humboldt University, Berlin, and is a PhD student and research assistant at the Insititute for African Studies. Since 2012, she has been part of the organising team of the Afrikan Hiphop Caravan and is the Minista of Education in the Republic of Pungwe.

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