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Cooperation: "Violent Ecologies" Screening in Rememberance of Ken Saro Wiwa


Info   Free Entrance - Limited Seats. Organised by ENTITLE.


In Rememberance of activist and journalist Ken Sawo-Wiwa, who was killed 20 years ago for his protest activities against the State and oil companies, ENTITLE – The European Network for Political Ecology, in cooperation with AfricAvenir organises a documentary film screening at Moviemento. The documentaries "Delta Force" and "Killing for Land" will be screened followed by a discussion with journalist Felipe Milanez.

Join ENTITLE for a documentary film evening and discussion on violent ecologies, resistance and struggle in the Niger Oil Delta and Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest. ENTITLE is a network of researcher-activists working on environmental conflicts around the world. This film screening of ‘violent ecologies’ publicly addresses and discusses the silent violence committed against environmental activists who are resisting land grabbing and resource extraction in Africa and Latin America

18:30 – Delta Force (Directed by Glenn Ellis, 1995)
It’s been 20 years since the environmental activist Ken-Saro Wiwa was murdered for his leading role in the resistance against the exploitation of the Niger Delta for oil. The documentary film Delta Force takes us back to the early 90s when the Ogoni people of the Niger Delta launched an international campaign against their government and the oil company, with Ken Saro-Wiwa at their head. Screening Delta Force after all this time aims to remember the Ogoni struggle, but also to remind of ongoing violence against peoples and ecologies perpetrated by oil extraction in the Niger Oil Delta.

19:30 – Killing for Land (Directed by Adrian Cowell, 1990)
Killing for Land, from the documentary film-series The Decade of Destruction, is remarkable documentation of peasant resistance against large landowners and their militias in the Brazilian Amazon. In Brazil millions of landless peasants occupy large, unused lands by landlords and private companies, leading to violent struggles over land in the Amazon. Killing for Land is an account of land grabbing and peasant resistance from the late 1980s, yet violence over land continue to erupt today, maintaining the bloody history of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest as a violent frontier.

20:30 – Q&A with Edel Moraes (Vice-President, CNS) & Felipe Milanez (Researcher, ENTITLE)
For the discussion on violent political ecologies ENTITLE is joined by Edel Moraes, the vice-president of Brazil’s National Council of Rubber Tappers – CNS, founded in 1985 by the environmental activist Chico Mendes. Talking to Edel Moraes about the violence faced by environmentalists in the Brazilian Amazon is Felipe Milanez a researcher and journalist from The European Network for Political Ecology.

More background info to the event, here:

ENTITLE: www.politicalecology.eu

Ken-Saro Wiwa: http://remembersarowiwa.com/background/the-death-of-ken-saro-wiwa/

Chico Mendes: http://www.ejolt.org/2013/12/chico-mendes-25-years-of-a-brutal-killing/

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