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Inspiring Young Imaginations Film Screening: “Kanyekanye”


Info   Entrance: N$5 children & N$15 Adults


We are very proud to screen next month within our children’s programme the multi award-winning short film KanyeKanye by Miklas Manneke.

About the film:

South Africa, 2013, 25 min., Comedy, Zulu with English subtitles.

Director: Miklas Manneke; Cast: Bongeka Sishi, Gundo Ramuligho, Thembalethu Ntuli, Nokwasi Gumede, Zwelakhe Mkwanazi, Lucious Dosi

Kanyekanye is a modern day Romeo and Juliet story. The film centre's itself in a small township, where many years ago, two best friends had a childish argument about which apple is better, the red or the green. The argument led to a great division within the township. Everyone who believed that the red apple was better moved to the left side of a big white line in red houses, while everyone who thought green was better moved to the right side in green houses.

Thomas a big, friendly teenager who lives on the green side falls in love with a beautiful, compassionate girl called Thandi. The only problem is that she lives on the red side of the township. The couple is commanded to never see one another again by their parents, who would rather destroy something than let it blossom for what they believe is the greater good. To overcome the division Thomas decides to build a string telephone from his room, across the township to Thandi's room on the red side. However how long can this connection go on until the townsfolk, especially their parents become aware?

About the director:

Miklas Manneke graduated from the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance (AFDA) in 2013. His graduation film Kanyekanye was a finalist at the 40th Student Academy Awards,


Kanyekanye has won among others the Best Student Film Award at the South African Film and Television Awards, as well as the Audience Choice Award at the CinéSud Short Film Festival in France and the Chicago International Film Festival. Kanyekanye has also won the Best Children's Film Award at the Uppsala International Short Film Festival in Sweden.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/XXgEldDAp1M

Inspiring Young Imaginations is a project organized by AfricAvenir in partnership with the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) and Hope Initiatives Southern Africa (HISA), and support from Terres des Hommes Italy (TdH) and Jac-Mat.

For more information contact:

AfricAvenir Windhoek: Edith Aoko
Email: a.atieno(at)africavenir.org,   Tel: 0813268828

FNCC Multimedia Library: Nicholas Ronde
Email: library(at)fncc.org.na,   Tel: 0818017947/061387334

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