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Namibian Premiere of South Africa’s “Ayanda” directed by Sara Blecher


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Ahead of the Southern Africa cinema release, AfricAvenir presents the Namibian Premiere of South Africa’s “Ayanda”, directed by Sara Blecher (SA, 2015, ). In a vibrant and diverse Johannesburg community, 21-year-old Afro-hipster Ayanda has a knack for taking neglected pieces of furniture and “bringing them back to love”. Eight years after her father’s death, she is determined to revive his prized garage business, which is in deep debt and in danger of being sold. The film crackles with infectious energy and style, capturing a vividly contemporary view of South Africa. Inspired by the possibilities of a modern African aesthetic AYANDA explores the core theme of how we let go of the things and people we love.

In a community vibrant with migrants from across the African Continent, against the backdrop of unspoken love, a young woman tries to navigate a path for herself. But this is a world where everything keeps shifting... Everything except the one thing that really does need to change. Ayanda and the Mechanic is a coming of age story of a twenty one year old Afro hipster, who embarks on a journey of self discovery trying to keep the memory of her father alive, when she's thrown into a world of greasy overalls, gender stereotypes and abandoned vintage cars in need of a young woman's re inventive touch who tries to reclaim what would've been, what could've been.

The film stars Fulu Mugovhani and Nigerian actor OC Ukeje, with a star South African cast that includes Ntathi Moshesh, Kenneth Nkosi, Jafta Mamabola, Thomas Gumede, Sihle Xaba and veteran star of stage and screen Vanessa Cooke.

The filmmaker about the film:
“My vision for the film was to present a new kind of role model for young girls who are on the cusp of adulthood, much like the 2007 Canadian-American film JUNO did in its portrayal of a precocious teen. I wanted to tell a story that would allow them to consider new options and possibilities for their own lives. I wanted to showcase a successful, young woman, an entrepreneur, who manages to navigate her way through the grease and garages that typically define a man’s world. And one who does so without having to compromise her own passion, originality or style.

Being the mother of one such girl, AYANDA is my love letter to South African girls in their early twenties. There has not yet been any successful local content, be it film or television, that deals intelligently with the 20-something South African woman. It is a crucial time for a young woman to make decisions about who she wants to be in the world and this story hopes to present different possibilities to her, that are outside of the norm.”

Awards/Official Selection:
AYANDA had its world premiere in Los Angeles on 13 June. There it won the Special Jury Prize at the prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival (LAFF), following its screening in the World Fiction Competition.
Ayanda was the opening film of the 36th Durban International Film Festival 2015.

“An important and fascinating piece that is absolutely worth seeing for its representation of a modern African story, which is uniquely, distinctively African, but also urban, fresh, and contemporary in a way that is far too rare. Anchored by a standout performance by the magnetic Fulu Mugovahni, the vibe and milieu of AYANDA is as refreshing as a light summer breeze.” – Indiewire

Technical Details:
Director:  Sara Blecher
Screenplay:  Trish Malone
Exec Producer:  Sara Blecher
Producers:  Busi Sezani, Terry Pheto, Robbie Thorpe
Production Companies: Leading Ladies Productions
Featuring:  Fulu Mugovhani, OC Ukeje, Nthati Moshesh,  Kenneth Nkosi, Thomas Gumede, Jafta Mamabolo, Sihle Xaba, Vanessa Cooke
DoP: Jonathan Kovel
Editor: Nicholas Costaras
Music: Tiago Correia-Paulo
Language: Original with English subtitles

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