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Conference: The Cultural Legacy of German Colonial Rule


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This multidisciplinary conference jointly organized by the Freie Universität Berlin and the Deutsches Historisches Museum will explore social, economic, political, and cultural practices generated by African, Asian, and Oceanic individuals and groups within the context and aftermath of German colonialism.

Recent scholarship has shed new light on our understanding of the relationship between colonizer and colonized; the nature and complexity of "colonial governmentality"; the interplay between the colonial state and local institutions; and the connections between ideology, textual discourses, practices, and material dimensions. This conference is designed to contribute to the ongoing discussion of German colonialism with a fresh focus on the agency of those affected by German colonialism in Africa, Asia, and Oceania. By focusing on the history of contact, interaction, exchange, and mutual influence, this conference intends to contribute to current debates on transnational and intercultural processes and to highlight the ways in which the colonial period is embedded in larger processes of globalization, in particular the global expansion of capitalism, technology, and the Western legal framework.

Funded by Einstein Stiftung Berlin


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