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Namibian Premiere of Ousmane Sembène’s “Faat-Kine”


Info   Entrance: 40,- N$; Language: French/Wolof with English subtitles


Celebrating “everyday heroism of African women” AfricAvenir presents in its series “African Perspectives” the Namibian premiere of Ousmane Sembene’s “Faat-Kine” (Senegal, 2001, 121 min). This screening is presented in partnership with the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre and is proudly supported by M-Net.

Faat Kine brings the viewer face to face with politically, economically, and morally corrupt social fabric. Against this backdrop, next to Sembene’s Moolaade (2004), Faat Kine (2000) stands out as a inspiring and beautifully crafted story about the changing roles of women in Senegalese society.

In Faat Kine, Ousmane Sembene, calls his fellow Africans to a reckoning of the post-independence era at the beginning of a new century. At age 77 in 2000, Sembene honours “everyday heroism of African women” in Faat Kine, with a penetrating analysis of the interplay of gender, economics and power in today's Africa. Sembene accomplishes all this through a deceptively light domestic drama on a gas station operator born, significantly, the same year as Senegalese independence, 1960.

“Faat Kine could be regarded as a defining text of what feminism could mean in 21st-century Africa. …. Faat Kine is truly a milestone in Sembene’s relentless struggle to “recover” and propel actuality in Africa toward images and an ideal of freedom earned and enjoyed by both men and women.”  – Prof. Samba Gadjigo

“''Faat-Kine'' is the welcome return of the master Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembène, with his first film in nearly 20 years. Once again, his blithe naturalism -- his films seem to coast into view and before you know it you're hooked -- draws the audience slowly into the rhythms of another world. ….. Whenever a director of Mr. Sembène's stature disappears for a time, there's always the fear that he will have lost his way, that his reflexes will be dulled. ''Faat-Kine'' makes it obvious that such concerns are unfounded. Mr. Sembène hasn't missed a step, and we're lucky to have him back on his path. “ – Elvis Mitchell, New York Times, 2001

“Black Girl Revisited; Sembene’s “Faat-Kine” Spry and Political Return“ – Scott Foundas, IndieWire

Technical Details:
Writer, director: Ousmane Sembène;
Producer: Wongue Mbengue
Director of photography: Dominique Gentil
Music: Yandé Codou Sène
Editor: Kahena Attia Riveill
Running time: 121 minutes
Language: French and Wolof, with English subtitles
Cast: Venus Seye (Faat-Kine), Mame Ndumbe Diop (Maamy), Iprahima Sane (Father), Ndiagne Dia (Djip), Mariame Balde (Aby), Awa Sene Sarr (Mada) and Tabara Ndiaye (Amy Kasse).

Date: 09 November 2016
Time: 18h30
Venue: Franco Namibian Cultural Centre, 118 Robert Mugabe Ave Windhoek
Entrance: 40,- N$
Language: French/Wolof with English subtitles

“African Perspectives” is a monthly film series presented by AfricAvenir. It is currently running in it’s tenth year in the Namibian capital.

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