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Film: "Jogo de Corpo – Body Games" by Richard Pakleppa


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Jogo de Corpo or Body Games presents a sensual tapestry of combat games from both sides of the Atlantic.  Jogo de Corpo tells a story driven by Mestre Cobra Mansa’s need to understand the ancestry of his art form, Capoeira, as part of a wider concern with his Afro-Brazilian heritage.
By playing capoeira and engaging with Capoeira masters from Rio and Bahia Cobra takes us into a world of Africa in Brazil. It is the world of “Capoeira Angola” where Capoeira players kick, spin and dodge to songs that evoke African ancestors, the world of enslaved forefathers and masters and a mythical place called “Angola”.
In the real Angola Cobra Mansa follows the traces of a powerful Brazilian myth about Capoeira’s African origins. This myth links Capoeira to a legendary Angolan game called Engolo – the Zebra dance. His search takes him to remote villages in southern Angola where Engolo players teach him “the art of bending with the wind” and tell of Engolo players who enter the game through being possessed by their ancestors.

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