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Guided Tours: GEOGRAPHIES of IMAGINATION at SAVVY Contemporary



Exhibition at SAVVY Contemporary
Thursday – Sunday   14:00–19:00

How is power situated at the core of othering? 

And how are processes of othering connected to forms of belonging that we could also relate to notions of territoriality and possession? 

The other, writes Ta-Nehisi Coates, exists beyond the border of the great “belonging”, something that contributed to producing the sense of anxiety that brought white, patriarchal supremacists of the far right to politically emerge again in recent elections, in the US as much as in several European countries. 

GEOGRAPHIES OF IMAGINATION is thought as an exhibition, a research, a cartographic time-line and above all a space where artists come together to weave, through very different positions, possible formulas towards a core question bell hooks poses and we want to pose over and over again: How can we – now understood as humanity – find a sense of belonging that will encourage and bring us to “embrace all of the conditions of the world”, even beyond the human species and towards the earth as a whole?

Upcoming Guided Tours
If not announced otherwise, all tours start at 16:00

18.10.2018 14:00 Pidgin, Nguemba & English by Bonaventure
19.10.2018 17:00 French (Français) by Arlette
19.10.2018 Italian (Italiano) by Antonia
25.10.2018 Spanish (Español) by Raisa
28.10.2018 Romanian (Român?) by Jasmina
02.11.2018 German (Deutsch) by Anna 

Free entry for the exposition and the guided tours
A donation will be well received

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