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German Premiere: "L'Oranais" (The Man from Oran, ENSUB) by Lyes Salem


InfoTickets: 7,50€; ermäßigt: Berlinpass, 5er & 10er Karte, Gildepass, Heavy User Card; 030 283 46 03; www.hackesche-hoefe.org


During the first euphoric years following the independence of Algeria, two close friends, Djaffar and Hamid, face a promising future. Over the decades, however, secrets and betrayal drive them apart. Six years after helming Masquerade, Lyès Salem presents a haunting political drama laced with the agony and angst of men and women who lived through the Algerian Revolution. Corruption in political life, falsification of historical facts and personal loss as well frustration brought about by arrogance and thirst for power are all dealt with remarkable lucidity and conviction. Above all, the movie enumerates through Djaffar's life (an excellent performance by Salem) how tragic separations, breakdown of families, small sacrifices and strong selfish desires change the tone and tenor of a society.

Interspersed with the heartrending stories of revolutionaries and their unimaginable sacrifices, Salem's latest film is also visually arresting with each frame magnificently composed.

The screening will be followed by an open discussion with Naoual Belakhdar (tbc) as well as a small reception in the cinema foyer.

Financially supported by Brot für die Welt (EED) and Yedd e.V.

In cooperation with Yedd e.V. and the Algerian Community of Berlin.

Media Partners: Africiné, SEV-Magazin, Zentrum Moderner Orient, Club der Freunde von RFI, Berlin Poche, rendez-vous-cine.de, Exberliner, multicult.fm, Art Labour Archives, Planète Métis, Contemporary &, Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland and ALFilm.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/L8djQ94O-bI

"Given that such few films distributed in the West about the Algerian War of Independence have focused on, or even touched on its aftermath, Lyes Salem’s film comes as a much-needed and insightful account of an often-overlooked chapter in Algerian history, however fictional its characters may be." Joobin Bekhrad, Reorient

"A biting critique on how the Algerian revolution was corrupted from within." Deborah Young, Hollywoodreporter

"Writing, directing and starring in The Man from Oran, Lyès Salem has made a monumental achievement. A taut drama with suberb performances and an meticulous and inspired mise en scène is the result. His film is a deep examination of the oft-stated wisdom that a long, bitter fight against injustice is nothing compared with the difficulties of victory." Miguel Pendás, Abu Dhabi Film Festival

"[Salem's film] … is a reminder of the ideals of the revolution, the hope once foreseen for the Algerian people, and the promise of what the proud Berber nation could have – and still can – become." Joobin Bekhrad, Reorient

Director: Lyes Salem
Renowned actor and film director Lyès Salem (p. 53) has won a number of awards and the César for Best Short Film in 2005 for Cousins. His debut feature Masquerades (2009) represented Algeria at the Oscars and was nominated for the Best First Film César.


  • 2014 | Festival d'Abu Dhabi, Emirats Arabes Unis, 2014: New Horizons / Afaq Jadida Competition (director's first or second feature film); International Premiere; Best Director from the Arab World - New Horizons / Afaq Jadida Competition
  • 2014 | Festival international du Film de St-Jean-de-Luz, France: Prix du Public et Prix du Jury Jeunes
  • 7ème Festival du Film francophone d'Angoulême - FAA 2014, France, 2014
    * Compétition Officielle: Première Mondiale

Production Detauls
El Wahrani / L'Oranais / The Man from Oran
D: Lyès Salem, Algeria / France, 2014, Feature Narrative, 128 min. | French & Arabic with English Subtitles, DCP
Cast: Lyès Salem, Boukefa Abdullah, Khaled Benaissa, Djemel Barek, Amal Kateb
Screenwriter: Lyès Salem
Cinematographer: Pierre Cottereau
Sound: Pierre André, Gwennolé Le Borgne
Editor: Florence Ricard
Music: Mathias Duplessy
Producer: Isabelle Madelaine (DHARAMSALA)

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