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Film: “L’Absence – The absence” in attendance of Director Mama Keïta


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Adama returns to Dakar from France after 15 years when he receives a telegram that his grandmother is ill. But there is nothing wrong with her and the telegram is just a means of getting him to return home. Adama has no intention of staying in Dakar, however, and increasingly feels like a foreigner. But when he is forced to open his eyes to the realities of Dakar, and the fact that his sister is a prostitute, he must decide whether to continue to be defined by his absence.

Mama Keïta, Drama, 84 Min., Frankreich/Guinea/Senegal, 2009With: William Nadylam, Ibrahim Mbaye, Jackie Tavernier, Mame Ndoumbe, Mouss Diouf, Ismaël Thiam

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/84390410 

Press Reviews

"Part social commentary, part thriller, L’Absence is an atmospheric and contemporary sketch of Senegal that touches on issues of drugs, prostitution, corruption, brain drain, and, possibly, redemption. Filmmaker Mama Keita gives us a film that urgently races towards a dramatic, exciting and unexpected climax." Hans-Christian Mahnke, AfricAvenir


Mama Keïta was born 1956 in Senegal as the son of a Vietnamese mother and a Guinean father. After studying law in Paris, he starts writing screen plays. Between 1981 and 1997 Keita directs five short films; the documentary “David Achkar, une étoile filante” (1998) is a personal obituary for a deceased friend. His first feature “Le fleuve” (2002) receives the Press Award at the Paris Filmfestival. In 2003 he directs “Le Sourire du Serpent” and in 2009, besides “L’Absence” he makes the short film “One more vote for Obama” as part of the Pan African short film project “L’Afrique vue Par….”, ten short films commissioned by the Algerian government. In 2011 he directs the film “Le bonheur d”Elza”.



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